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The Edo Association of Minnesota (TEAM) promote the cultural, economic, and social aspects of Edo life.

The Edo Association of Minnesota was founded in the year Ninety Ninety-nine to promote the cultural, economic, and social aspects of Edo life.

Pastor Lucky Igbinoba is the current president of the Association.

  1. To promote unity, patriotism, and solidarity among all Edos in Minnesota irrespective of sex, social or economic status, religion or political affiliations.
  2. To encourage active participation in our various communities in an open, fair, honest, and understandable manner.
  3. To work to pull together our economic and other resources for the development and growth of all members and of the Edo people and territory in Nigeria.
  4. To discourage all forms of corruption as they are detrimental to the economic, social, and political development of the Edos.
  5. To promote discipline, cultural values, and encourage self-reliance among all Edos.
  6. To promote mechanisms that will provide leadership accountability to the Edos.
  7. To educate our children on our cultural heritage and family values.


James Osagiede

James OsagiedePresident

Pastor Lucky Igbinoba<

Pastor Lucky IgbinobaFormer President

Mr. Steve Obayuwana

Mr. Steve ObayuwanaThe first President and Co Founder of TEAM

Mr. Oduwa Aganmwonyi

Mr. Oduwa Aganmwonyi Former President

Mr. Mike Ohenzuwa

Mr. Mike Ohenzuwa Former President

Mr. Anthony Aigbogun

Mr. Anthony AigbogunFormer President

James Imasuen<

Mr. James ImasuenFormer President

Dr. Peter Atakpu<

Dr. Peter AtakpuFormer President

David Ebojie

Mr. David EbojieFormer President

Together, building a strong and vibrant community